Erasom Trading Co. specializes in sourcing and supplying premium agricultural fertilizer products from around the world. Our company places utmost importance on the quality of commodities, ensuring that our clients receive only the finest products. We also prioritize timely deliveries to provide excellent service to our valued customers.

Granular Urea

Erasom Trading Co. is a reputable company that specializes in dealing with granular urea. We offer high-quality granular urea products sourced from reliable suppliers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive top-grade granular urea for their agricultural and industrial needs. Trust Erasom Trading Co. for all your granular urea requirements.

Prickled Urea

Erasom Trading Co. is a trusted supplier of prilled urea, catering to the diverse needs of agricultural and industrial sectors. We provide premium-quality prilled urea sourced from reputable manufacturers. Our extensive network enables us to deliver timely and reliable solutions to our valued customers. Choose Erasom Trading Co. for your prilled urea requirements and experience exceptional quality and service.

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