Product Overview

Welcome to Erasom Trading Co., your premier destination for high-quality Lubricants designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern petrol and diesel engines in all weather conditions. We specialize in producing Automotive Lubricants that provide optimal performance and protection for your vehicles.

At Erasom Trading Co., we understand the importance of lubricants in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of automotive engines. Our Lubricants are carefully formulated to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring smooth operation and reduced wear and tear even under extreme conditions. Whether you’re driving in scorching heat or freezing cold, our Lubricants are designed to provide optimal lubrication and protect your engine from damage.

One of the key advantages of our Lubricants is their customizability. We take into account the prevailing local weather conditions and tailor our products accordingly. This means that our Lubricants are perfectly suited for the specific climate in your region, ensuring superior performance and longevity. We adhere to international quality standards and specifications set by renowned lubricant bodies such as SAE, API, ACEA, GOST, GB STANDARDS, and GCC specifications.

Our range of Lubricants covers the full spectrum of automotive lubrication needs. We offer Mineral, Semi Synthetic, and 100% Synthetic Lubricants to cater to different requirements and preferences. Whether you prefer traditional mineral-based lubricants or advanced synthetic formulations, we have the right product for you.

To provide convenience and flexibility, our Lubricants are available in various packaging options. You can choose from 1Ltr, 4Ltr, 5Ltr, 10Ltr, 20Ltr, 208Ltr, 1000Ltr IBC, and Flexi Tanks, allowing you to select the packaging size that suits your needs and preferences.

At Erasom Trading Co., we prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction. Our Lubricants undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. We are committed to delivering Lubricants that provide exceptional performance, reliability, and protection for your vehicles.

If you’re looking for Lubricants that offer superior performance, durability, and compatibility with modern engines, look no further than Erasom Trading Co. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of Automotive Lubricants and experience the difference of our quality products. Trust us to keep your engines running smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the weather conditions.

Other Products

Base Oil

Erasom is a renowned global trader, offering a wide range of high-quality products including base oils, processing oils, lubricants, and greases. With our strategically developed storage terminals and robust logistics infrastructure, which includes our own vessels and road tankers, we ensure efficient supply chain management. Our strong relationships with refineries worldwide make us the preferred supplier for lubricant blenders and oil and gas traders.


Erasom Trading Co. specializes in the production of automotive lubricants designed for modern petrol and diesel engines, catering to both extreme and normal weather conditions. Our top-quality lubricants are specifically formulated to provide optimal performance and protection for your vehicles.

PE Products

Erasom Trading Co. is a trusted supplier of high-quality PE (Polyethylene) products, catering to diverse industries with our comprehensive range of solutions. Our PE products, including LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, films and sheets, and bags and containers, are renowned for their exceptional performance, durability, and versatility. With a commitment to excellence, we source our PE products from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that they meet international standards of quality and reliability. Whether you need packaging materials, industrial-grade products, or custom solutions, Erasom Trading Co. is dedicated to providing superior PE products that meet your specific requirements.

PP Products

Erasom Trading Co. is a leading supplier of top-quality PP (Polypropylene) products, offering a wide range of solutions to various industries. Our extensive selection of PP products includes films, sheets, bags, containers, and more, all known for their exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. With a commitment to delivering excellence, we source our PP products from trusted manufacturers, ensuring they meet stringent quality standards. Whether you need packaging materials, industrial-grade products, or customized solutions, Erasom Trading Co. is dedicated to providing superior PP products tailored to your specific needs. Trust us for reliable and high-performance PP solutions that meet the demands of your industry.

PVC Products

Erasom Trading Co. is a trusted supplier of premium PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) products, catering to diverse industries and applications. Our comprehensive range of PVC products includes pipes, fittings, sheets, cables, profiles, and more, known for their excellent durability, strength, and chemical resistance. We source our PVC products from reputed manufacturers, ensuring they adhere to strict quality standards and comply with industry regulations. With a customer-centric approach, we strive to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need PVC products for construction, electrical, or industrial purposes, Erasom Trading Co. offers a wide selection of high-quality PVC solutions to suit your needs. Rely on our expertise and commitment to excellence for reliable and efficient PVC products that deliver superior performance in your projects.

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